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Biography for Rep. Jim Marshall
14th Legislative District, Beaver County 

Based on his commitment to bring more accountability to state government, Jim Marshall was elected to represent the 14th District in Beaver County in November 2006. 

Jim is a lifelong resident of Big Beaver Borough and served two terms as vice president of Big Beaver Borough Council. He previously served on the borough’s recreation board for nine years and coached his daughter’s softball team for five years.
Jim currently serves as a volunteer firefighter for the Big Beaver Borough Volunteer Fire Company.

Jim’s goals as a lawmaker include reducing the cost of state government, reducing or eliminating property taxes, lowering the cost of health insurance and helping to create greater accountability for government expenses.

For the 2017-18 legislative session, Jim serves on the Transportation, Environmental Resources and Energy, Liquor Control, and Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness committees. Jim serves as the chair of the Transportation Committee’s Subcommittee on Transportation Safety. Additionally, Jim has been named to the Port of Pittsburgh Commission, a board dedicated to promoting the commercial use and development of the inland waterways in western Pennsylvania.

Jim is a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment lawmaker who believes in a small government whose duty is to protect the environment and citizens of the Commonwealth and the country from real and present danger. He is committed to the belief that government should be fiscally conservative and maintain a balanced budget. It should not create jobs, but it should create an economic environment in which businesses can flourish and produce quality products.

Jim worked for 22 years at Ag Hog Pittsburgh. His duties included customer relations, system design and field service.

Jim and his wife, Cindy, have one daughter, Jamie.

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